The Studio is situated beneath the foothills of the beautiful Sandia Mountains in Albuquerque, New Mexico USA . A tranquil setting with good all year round weather, local activities, easy access, parking and close to the airport, major high ways and hotels.

The studio is a great mid sized space with both live and dry sound rooms, ambient lighting and is a great working environment.

The large live room hosts a Grand Piano and is also perfect for a larger live drum sound. The smaller dry room is also a great drum room and built for multi purpose needs. The studio is uncomplicated, stress free and easy to use for both professional and amateur musicians alike, with a relaxation area and kitchen.

Mixers/ Interfaces: Tascam DM 3200 Fire Wire Interface, MAudio Lightbridge, Zoom R16, Yamaha AW4416, Yamaha MG 16/4

Preamps: Joe Meek Channel Strips, Art Tube Pres

KRK Monitoring System

Tascam DA 20 DAT

Digitech and Lexicon Outboard FX

Full Waves, IK Multimedia, and other Pluggin Suites

Mic Cabinet:

CAD: Trion 7000, 8000, E70s, 300, KBM 412, ICM 417s, TSM 411s, Joe Meek: JM 37 Rode: NT2, NT5s, Shure: SM57s, and PG drum kit series, Audio Technica: AT 2020, MXL: 990/991s

Keyboards: Yamaha Motif XS, Kurzweil K2600, Korg Micro, Ensoniq VFX, Roland Juno 106

Piano: 6' 2" Hallett Davis and Co. Concert Grand

Onsite Recording Setups: Zoom R16, H2, and Yamaha AW4416


The studio also hosts and can supply any number of extras including drums, cymbals, amps, effects and professional session musicians for any recording projects.