Composer, Grammy Nominated Producer and Musician

The foothills of Albuquerque, NM provide the perfect backdrop for Grammy-nominated composer/producer Rick Hale as he crafts music in a variety of genres glued together with the inspiring conviction of hope.

Hale’s passion for music was nurtured at a very young age as he was enrolled in piano lessons at the age of five. He devoted his teens to the art of piano composition and music production, techniques he later mastered under the tutelage of composer Michael Mauldin. Since then, he has peppered his resume with a variety of accomplishments that label him as a true and distinct music aficionado.

Hale has been blessed with the opportunity to work in various sectors of the entertainment industry. He has worked alongside musicians such as Latin recording artist Micky Cruz (his fourth album earned Hale a Grammy nomination for Best Producer), drummer and producer Garry King, recording artist Danny Wilding, Filipina recording artist Jam Morales, singers Andrea Montano, Ken Montano, guitarists Gary Cook, Brian Moore, Andres Montoya, and Jazz saxophonist Marty FitzSimons. In addition Rick's roster of signed artiists includes Andrea Montano, Haley Ackerman, Jaime Yellowhorse, David Kinkaed, Videa Wesenlund, and others.

In 2005, he released a self-titled debut album with the help of some of the aforementioned artists. The album holds no allegiance to any one genre as the songs effortlessly bounce from Rock to Pop to Dance and more. In 2009, Rick officially released his second album titled "Little Bit", currently online through Itunes, Amazon, Emusic, Napster, Rhapsody, and other major online retailers. "To date," he says, "my most popular music, (as judged by online sales and contests on has been my Pop and Dance, respectively placing at #12 and #16 on the charts, and a smooth Jazz placing at #9 in the solo instrumental track genre."

Despite his busy schedule, he devotes some of his time to teaching the next generation of musicians at his Studio. His efforts do not go unnoticed as he recently received the New Mexico Music award in the "Native American Traditional" category for his work with artist Jimmy Shendo.

Hale is currently working on his third full-length album in "Rick Hale Production", and with the aforementioned artists through "online session musician". Additionally he is writing commercial jingles, and producing music for new artists and clients.


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